August 17, 2017
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Setareh kavir yaz   Setareh kavir yaz  
Setareh Kavir Group consists of five companies as listed blew, which are working coherently to produce high quality products and keep consumer satisfaction. 1. Setareh Kavir Yazd (Producing Machinery Carpet) 2. Khatereh Kavir Yazd (Producing Machinery Carpet) 3. Alyaf Yazd (In the Field of Yarn Industry) 4. Nassaji Yazd (In the Field of Textile Industry) 5. Rangrazi Yazd (In the Field of Dyeing Industry) Due to tendency of consumers to handmade carpets we have proposed and manufactured Hand Look carpet which is named "Shahkar Kavir". Both "Cut & Loop | Loop & Cut" and "Jajim" products are other innovations propagated by Setareh Kavir  ...

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